Before the onset of war and still the early days of aviation, there were only open fields to the North of Wick.
Captain E.E. Fresson was to start scheduled services between Inverness, Wick and Orkney in May 1933. He was soon awarded the first UK Airmail contract by the Post Office which was to include Wick, and in 1934 started flights between Aberdeen and Wick, this route still in operation today.
Although it is unclear what facilities were created at Wick prior to the war, it was still a grass airstrip into the war period.
Below is an Ordnance Survey map of Wick in 1938, nothing much is shown North of the town other than open farmland.
Hillhead Farm is highlighted in green on the map, it is assumed the area immediately to the North was used as the landing strip in the early years.

As a comparison, the below extract is from a 1958 map.
This shows the airfield having been built to the West of Hillhead, the area was part of the Hempriggs Estate and was purchased by the Government in 1939.
It is understood that Captain Fresson advised the war Ministry on suitable aerodrome locations during the war period. Again, it is unclear when this westward shift took place, whether this was before the Ministry bought the land or on construction of the RAF station.