Post War
Old Passenger Terminal

Whilst most of the buildings from the wartime period were either put to other uses, or left in disrepair, the only change or development seemed to come about in the early 70's.
There seems to be little on record showing the airport between the 1950's and probably late 90's. However, below is a scan of the plans for a 'new' passenger terminal. Clearly a very functional building typical of 1970's government authority development.

Taken from a CAA brochure in 1984 (where the airport was offered for sale), this image shows the finished article.
(looking from the apron side)

At the same time, a new access road was created for the terminal, site / location plan scan below.
From this sketch, it can be seen that the aircraft parking area and the car park were created on the site of two of the former hangars.